Triple Y’s history has extended over 30 years now. Triple Y started in 1986/1987 and started off as Triple Y when we began test transmissions, later and for many years Triple was known on air as “5YYY” and only recently have we reverted back to our original name of Triple Y on the 1st of December 2017.

Triple Y was well known through the 90’s for our famous logo and still a lot of people can recognize the mascot or logo Effram the lizard that was drawn by a local artists *Name* Handly.

in the late 90’s triple Y changed its logo to the splat logo that many people also recognize quite well.

Then in 2017 on December 1st triple Y changed its name and has asked the community to design a new logo the winners will be announced in March of 2018.

Triple Y has been an important part of the community of Whyalla and has been at many local events through out its years and has hosted concerts, been principal broadcast supporters of other events such as the Whyalla Carols in the Park.

Triple Y has not been with out its controversy over the years *insert stories here*



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